Monte Carlo simulation of interactions of ionizing radiation with matter

The DNP group activities focus on Monte Carlo simulations of radiation transportation through matter by using state-of-the-art Monte Carlo codes such as Geant4/Geant4-DNA, MCNP5, and PENELOPE. Our main research axes are:


  • Geant4 and Geant4-DNA simulations


Geant4 is a general purpose and open source C++ toolkit for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter. Its application domains include high energy, nuclear and accelerator physics, as well as studies in medical and space science. It has been recently extended for the simulation of early biological damage at the DNA and biological cell scale in the frame of the Geant4-DNA project.


DNP is part of the Geant4 and Geant4-DNA development teams. Our contribution includes:


  1. extension of physics models
    • modeling of elastic scattering for protons and alphas in liquid water
    • modeling of Carbon interactions following the  Classical Trajectory Monte-Carlo (CTMC) approach
    • multi scale combination of Geant4 physics models  with Geant4-DNA physics models
  2. development of novel simulation applications
    • usage of high-Z nanoparticles in radiotherapy, including radiolysis simulation
  3. verification and validation of Geant4-DNA performance


  • Characteristics of nuclear spectra using Geant4 simulations


Geant4 facilitates particle detection simulation in nuclear measurement systems. Our group employs Geant4 for simulating the characteristics of spectrometer systems, or response functions of detectors. An accurate description of the response function of detectors is required for quantitative resolution determination.

Moreover, Geant4 is also used for the simulation, as a cross-check, of some experiments, such as drum-waste radioactivity measurement, material thickness measurement by Compton scattering from radiation source, etc...