Peer-reviewed ISI or Scopus publications since 2014


Our developments are described in the following peer-reviewed publications. This list is regularly updated.  
















  • Simulating radial dose of ion tracks in liquid water simulated with Geant4-DNA: A comparative study, S. Incerti, M. Psaltaki, P. Gillet, Ph. Barberet, M. Bardiès, M. A. Bernal, M.-C. Bordage, V. Breton, M. Davidkova, E. Delage, Z. El Bitar, Z. Francis, S. Guatelli, A. Ivanchenko, V. Ivanchenko, M. Karamitros, S. B. Lee, L. Maigne, S. Meylan, K. Murakami, P. Nieminen, H. Payno, Y. Perrot, I. Petrovic, Q. T. Pham, A. Ristic-Fira, G. Santin, T. Sasaki, H. Seznec, J. I. Shin, V. Stepan, H. N. Tran, C. Villagras, Nucl. Instrum. and Meth. B 333 (2014) 92-98


  • Diffusion-controlled reactions modeling in Geant4-DNA, M. Karamitros, S. Luan, M. A. Bernal, J. Allison, G. Baldacchino, M. Davidkova, Z. Francis, W. Friedland, V. Ivantchenko, A. Ivantchenko, A. Mantero, P. Nieminem, G. Santin, H. N. Tran, V. Stepan, S. Incerti, J. Comput. Phys. 274 (2014) 841-882 



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